Sue Fuqua


Sue Fuqua is the Founder and President of Mile High Net and has a passion for helping people with technology. It started when she was exposed to computers at an early age and found she had a keen aptitude towards technology. Since then, she’s held a great enthusiasm to assist others with anything related to computers and the Information Technology field.

Sue began her business career in restaurant management (despite her love of technology) and after spending six years in the field, she realized her passion was still working with computers. That’s when she decided to pursue her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Throughout that quest, she found herself helping classmates understand complex technical concepts and realized she had a special skill, helping bridge the gap between technology and people. Everything Sue did from then on was what she loved to do, help people understand and deal with technology.

After she completed her degree she began working in the Information Technology field. It was then she discovered the lack of skilled technology experts capable of truly assisting business owners and executives gain control of their technology assets. That’s when she put her distinctive skills and passion to work by starting Mile High Net in 1998. Throughout the years, she’s found great satisfaction and success helping Mile High Net clients understand complex technical concepts. In fact, many of the clients she helped back in '98 are still with her today.

Did we say yet how much she loves helping people with technology?