Would you be protected if a disaster were to strike? Could you recover your data if you were hit by ransomware?

It's in your best interest to have a reliable plan in place protecting your business data and systems, because who knows what could happen? A reliable disaster recovery plan eliminates the possibility of data loss - and all your worries as well.

Mile High Net Inc. provides reliable company data backups locally and to the cloud, with complete hardware and system recovery to protect you from the things you can't control in Denver Metro and the Front Range.


When partnered with Mile High Net for Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery you're able to:

  • Protect against threats like Ransomware - recover your data without having to pay hackers to get it back.
  • End your fears about the impact of man-made and naturals disasters you cannot control - we handle all of your backup requirements
  • Stop messing with unreliable, time consuming manual backups - with a system that's up-to-date, continual, and automatic
  • Know your safety is never compromised - our reliable backup systems take the worry and risk out of the equation
  • Get back to business fast - should a disaster strike, you'll be back in business in no time
  • Safeguard more than just data - we ensure your email, systems, and more are all protected and ready for a quick recovery



Prepare for what could be coming, with Business Continuity Planning backup and recovery solutions that safeguard your business from disaster.



They have contributed to long-term strategy planning, as well as assisting us with disaster recovery in a crisis. The Mile High Net team identified the best solution and worked alongside PSI's IT department to implement the system solutions as well as providing configuration and troubleshooting services

Catherine Watterson,
VP of Corporate Technologies
Policy Studies Inc. (PSI)