Ensuring your systems are stable, secure, reliable and optimized for maximum performance

Your computer network needs constant attention because it’s critical for your business. It connects people, applications and technology to help your business run smoothly and maximize efficiency.

Many demands are placed on networks with increasing traffic, threats and devices so problems are inevitable. If you are not looking after things, you end up with failed network elements, vulnerabilities and non-integrated apps. Mile High Net can offer seamless network management that supports your operations.

At Mile High Net, we understand that your business relies on technology to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. When your systems run well, your business runs well; when your network runs poorly, users struggle and your business suffers. When problems arise, fast, accurate diagnosis and resolution of the issues is essential.


Managed Networking solutions from Mile High Net:

  • Perimeter real-time protection
  • Performance monitoring
  • Firewall breach monitoring
  • Router management
  • Network security testing
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and remote access management
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS & IPS)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) device control
  • Ongoing network maintenance and support


Mile High Net excels in proactive support, troubleshooting and remediation to create a secure, predictable computing environment. We are dedicated to helping you with the challenges posed by ever-changing business.

Fast, stable and secure network connections specific to your business needs.