Are your servers constantly crashing? Do they requiring reboots to work right?

Servers are the heartbeat of a network. You count on them to operate at 100 percent efficiency. As your managed services provider, we perform proactive monitoring, patching, and maintenance. We give you the peace of mind that your servers are healthy and your data is secure.

Server Maintenance - To help keep your systems running at their optimal level, we perform updates, maintenance and other checklist items on a routine basis on all of your machines. We handle all the maintenance so your investment lasts longer without you having to worry about the upkeep.

Server Monitoring - Servers are the heartbeat of a network and need many "services" running in order to function properly. Because we know how vital your company's server is, we keep an eye on your server very carefully. If any of its "services" go down, we restart them immediately and can even reboot the server remotely if necessary.

Backup Monitoring - We check your data backup to ensure that it is successful. We know how critical business information is to our clients, so we make sure that your backups are being done properly. If your backup does fail, we waste no time figuring out what went wrong so we can prevent it from failing in the future. We also do periodic backup restores to ensure the data is all there.

Product Purchasing Assistance - Trying to find the right technology solution for your organization can be an overwhelming task. By doing the research for you, we take the guess work out of purchasing new computers, software, network equipment, printers, special devices, backup options, and servers. We will provide you with descriptions of products and give you our recommendation for your network.

Mile High Net is your partner in IT, there to help you minimize downtime and ensure that the proper diagnosis is made when you're having a technology problem - so we can perform repairs correctly, cost-effectively and fast.


Fast, stable and secure servers specific to your business needs.