5 ergonomic tips for your desk

Productivity_June26_CRegardless of the fast pace of technology or perhaps because of it, we are spending an ever increasing amount of time in the office, at our desks. While this has its upsides, with multi-functioning workspaces, there are downsides that could pose serious risks to not only your productivity but your health. In order to stave off potential health risks that come with sitting all day, it is a good idea to look into the ergonomics of your desk, and whether any improvements can be made.

Slow computer? Here’s 5 reasons why

Computers are wonderful machines, they have made our lives infinitely easier and it seems that nearly everything has a computer of some varying degree running it. Most company bosses expect their business computers to run at a speed that meets their needs. Over time, however, the speed at which they operate will decrease, meaning computers run slower. Why does this happen?

How to Prevent Drive-By Software Downloads

By Barb Nefer, eHow Contributor: Source:

A drive-by download refers to the installation of software on your computer without your knowledge. Sometimes, you may be tricked into accepting the download because it is misrepresented. This software usually has a malicious purpose, such as bombarding you with ads, changing your home page or even installing a virus.