Is all the hype about the cloud making it difficult to know which hosting services would be cost effective for your business?

Access to the most up-to-date and high-performance software is essential for running a successful business. Don’t let the high prices associated with keeping up with technological advances force your company to compromise. You can avoid the expense of purchasing, licensing and hosting your own applications.

By letting Mile High Net manage your applications and their hardware infrastructure, you’ll avoid high upfront costs and the ongoing management of IT services, allowing you to ease the pressures on in-house IT resources.

Hosted Solutions from Mile High Net offer:

  • Hosted Email – to ensure the reliability and safety of your emails
  • Hosted File Sharing – to promote teamwork and simplify collaboration
  • Software Application Hosting – low cost, installation and operating expenses
  • Hosted Infrastructure  a tailor-made service and support system for your individual business needs


Find out how we can make your business more efficient, streamlined and profitable.


I am delighted with the outstanding service and support provided to us by Mile High Net (MHN). MHN was recommended to us by the Colorado Technology Association. MHN helped me design an all encompassing framework to cover our IT needs. Issues with email and our web portal prompted the need for more sophisticated solutions and best practices. MHN was able to provide several current-day recommendations on potential solutions for consideration to resolve these issues, as well as help us move into the Millenium with IT support. Their online help desk is very responsive, with the right level of a depth and breadth of expertise to deal with our needs quickly. Selecting MHN as our IT support company has allowed the staff to focus on our mission of helping manufacturers with the confidence that our IT systems are managed by a great team of people. Their IT management program has allowed me to outsource out IT support to MHN and save me over 50% of what it would cost to manage it in-house.

Jo Ann Miabella Galvan,
Chief Financial Officer