Is network performance slow? Do you have insecure devices on your network? Is your data protected?

When your network unstable or you're experiencing connectivity problems that you just can't resolve, we can help. At Mile High Net, we understand that your business relies on technology to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Whether your network is managed by a technical IT staff or by someone who also has other responsibilities, occasionally problems arise that the IT person cannot resolve. The absence of an outside perspective to share ideas or be "another set of eyes" to review the issues often significantly extends the time required to resolve a problem.

If you're experiencing any or all of the following problems, we can get you back on track fast:

  • Slow performance of your servers or network
  • Unexpected crashing or rebooting of the servers
  • Recurring error messages appearing in system logs
  • Files, printers, and other resources that disappear or change
  • Messages that pop up on the screen without warning
  • Out-of-control viruses or other "malware" infecting the network
  • Failed data backups
  • Software installation issues
  • Communication failure between sites
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Improper or unauthorized access to information granted to users
  • Malfunctioning software applications
  • Loss of critical business information, employee productivity or business opportunities
  • Employee productivity is suffering


Mile High Net is dedicated to helping you with the challenges posed by ever-changing technology in the business world.


Let us help you diagnose and eliminate your technology troubles!


We initially consulted with Mile High Net to help troubleshoot and stabilize issues surrounding our Exchange email environment. Email communications had become completely undependable and had escalated to the extreme level. The issues were causing a severe impact to our daily operations and were affecting every user in our company. Mile High Net was able to begin correct the issues immediately and brought confidence back to the users in an extremely short period of time.

Dave Rogers,
NRC Broadcasting

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